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Photos added of Kristin and others from THE BEST MAN [see below] Receive 10% discount from the famous SATC Bus Tour in NY City (see below)

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NEW PHOTOS OF: Cybill Shepherd, James Earl Jones, John Stamos, John Laroquette, Kristin Davis from their appearance in THE BEST MAN photos added on (8/4/12)

Kristin Davis Is Learning to Balance Baby and Broadway (People Magazine) added 8/8/2012

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ'S) now has mailing address to write to Kristin !!! July 2009 updated

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See my photos of the New York premiere at Radio City Music Hall
pics of Mr. Big, Fergie, Kristin, Sarah and Jerry Seinfeld ADDED May 29, 2008 11pm NYC EST click here to select the photos

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12/23/07 Kristin on Rachael Ray's show (VIDEO) promoting one of her charities OxfamAmerica

12/23/07 See the FAQs for a new mailing address to contact Kristin

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8/5/05 Check out the Kristin Davis Lookalikes !!!

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This page is for all you Kristin Davis fans. I became a fan of hers back when she played Brooke (which is the reason the web URL has Brooke instead of Kristin) on Melrose Place, yes MEN do watch Melrose, I admit it unlike Jerry Seinfeld. Kristin is cute and has fantastic eyes as you can tell in my photos and countless others here. She looks even better in person.

She has seen this site and I was able to get my autographed photo of Kristin!!! through one of her friends I met online!

Since she left Melrose she has starred in several TV movies and shows and most notably HBO's Sex and the City.

This site receives alot of information, images, etc from other devoted fans of Kristin worldwide. If you have anything to contribute contact me.

Please see the NEWS

Over the years I met her 5 times. Back on April 13, 1996 I had the firs time of meeting and speaking to her at the New York Auto Show (which then gave me the idea of creating a site about her). Below are a set of photos I took of her and assorted questions and answers, some of which I asked her...

Then in July 2000 I saw our lovely Kristin again in the Big Apple Click here to see the photos

Once again on May 5, 2001 I saw Kristin again and took many photos. This time she hosted a charity walk for womens cancers in NY City .

Be sure to click here for the photos I took !!
This was a Revlon sponsored event which along with Kristin I also saw Queen Latifah, Halle Berry (very cute!! - u see her in the background of some of Kristin pics), Karen Duffy and others for this Charity event.

Once again on Feb 5th, 2003 in NY City when she performed in a off-broadway play "Exonerated" see the new photos I took

Enjoy....George Lewycky 5/11/96.

© Copyright 1996, George R. Lewycky

Photos I took of Kristin on 2 occasions in New York City

[my image of
Kristin at a NYC party] [photo I took at a NYC party Jul 12, 2000]
[my images of
Kristin at the NY autoshow]
[photos I took at the NY autoshow Apr 13, 1996]

Assorted Pages and Images of Kristin


NOTE: Many of the images have been contributed by other dedicated fans of Kristin. If you have any others contact me first!!

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Special thanks to Chris James, Remy Martin, The Centauri Republic, Adrian Rodriquez, Kenny Chow, Bretzky, Gabriel De Luca, Brett Frankel, Ken Townsend and many others for all their devotion, dedication and contributions to the web site for all the worldwide fans of Kristin !!!
This web site has grown alot due to such fans over the years.

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