My Youtube Collection of Kristina videos

12/21/2012 preview of ABBA The Museum which opens in Stockholm in 2013 at Arlanda Airport
Collection of PDF files of 1996 (Minnesota) & 2009 (New York) performances

11/11/2011 "Du måste finnas" from Kristina från Duvemåla (1996) from Minnesota, USA
11/6/2010 Helen Sjöholm - Kvinnan för dig (Live @ Rosa Bandet TV3) Helen sings Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman" in Univeral Music her new CD released in November 2010 of Billy joels hits in Swedish!!!!!! BUT ONLY IN SCANDANAVIA :-(
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Benny & Frida's acceptance speeches other related youtube video's are listed also
Amazon has the Carnegie Hall 2CD box set for $20.99

downloadable Kristina video in Minnesota (high school) broadcast in Sweden (1996) from File size: 683.24 MB
Rolling Stone Magazine (April 15, 2010) features the Hall of Fame Ceremony
Kristina at Royal Albert Hall, London Wednesday 14 April 2010 - 7:30 PM
added 03/19/2010 photos from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Awards 2010: Genesis, ABBA, Ronnie Spector, Bee Gees & more

Kristina's Sheet music (Swedish only) - ISMN M-66150-002-5 1997

Kristina's Music scores & sheet music only in Swedish so far also Link 2 | Link 3
added 2/27/2010 Scanned Playbill from Carnegie Hall (2009), & Minnesota High School performances (1996) along with translation files
added 1/7/2010 Kristina CD - Carnegie Hall recording CD being released February or March 2010
added 9/27/2009 Collection of Articles and Reviews of Kristina
added 9/21/2009 NPR Interview with Benny & Bjorn about Kristina transcript & MP3 file !!!

PLAYBILL: Sj�holm and Watson to Star in Kristina Carnegie Hall Concert | also Listen to Helen Sj�holm's fantastic and electrifying voice in probably the best song of Kristina - Du M�ste Finnas (in Swedish)

Official site Kristina - Concert Event at Carnegie Hall (also has mailing list)

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March 16, 2006 - Enjoyed seeing Benny's Ochestra along with Helen singing again. Benny also played his accordion along with piano and other instruments for the unique event marking the 75th Anniversary of the American Swedish Institute in Minnesota........I was lucky to have my photo taken with Helen and to hand her my Kristina cast photo from 10years which she really enjoyed.

Below are assorted photos from the BAO Concert !!!!

Click here for my re-cap of the event !!! 3/29/06

The BAO concert and party hosted by the American Swedish Institute was on Saturday, March 18, 2006 in Minnesota The Benny Anderssons Orkester (BAO), direct from Sweden with his 14-piece band, featured singers Helene Sjm and Tommy Korberg who were truly fantasic. It was a real treat seeing Helen again and meeting her in person again.

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Kristina, New Musical by ABBA Team, Has New York Workshop from 3/20/2006
Floyd Collins and Kristina Fran Duvemala on CD at Last from 3/24/1997

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Photo's and Highlights of Kristina frDuvem

recorded Sunday October 13, 1996 4pm - Chisago Lakes High School, Lindstrom, MN

Du Maste Finnas (English subtitles) - Helen Sjoholm (Kristina fran Duvemala)

About my trip to Minnesota to see Kristina TWICE!!

Hi Everyone !!! First of all I had a great time out there. The weather was fantastic, even better than New Jersey's. Plus the state is beautiful and clean. I'm thinking of making a vacation out there sometime in the future.

The Mall of America was outrageous also. Besides being humongous, it has a ferris wheel, roller coaster, acquarium and everything else imaginable. Luckily I didnt spend too much $$$ there.

I have some great photos for everyone to enjoy from the TWO Kristina performances in Minnesota on Oct. 12th-13th.

Kristina was a great gathering of ABBA fans on and off the list. Jim Preston , Michael T , Jeff de Hart and many others were there from all over the USA !!

The performers are all fantastic and their voices are superb. I just wish I knew some Swedish to better understand the performance.

Peter Jsback, Helen Sjsholm, Anders Ekborg, Asa Bergh were all superb singers and gave memorable performances. I met them all and they were real friendly and cheerful.

My Favorite Song

Peter and Helen were breathtaking - "Du Maste Finnas" was my favorite song sung by Helen. Very powerful song climaxing many times. I get moved by her voice everytime i hear that song
When i was in Stockholm I bought "fran Waterloo till Duvemala" its a fantastic CD of ABBA & Kristina tunes

I saw both performances, one was at Orchestra Hall in Minn., and the other was at a high school in Chisago.

Yes I got the cast's autograph and most importantly I have Benny & Bjorn's autograph on the the ABBA Gold CD booklet (see below). They all gave me no hassle and the security was nothing at the high school (scary isnt it ?). I now have the two B's of ABBA, now I need the two . There will not be many opportunities to meet the members in the U.S. so I didnt want to miss this one. I just wish Agnetha was there also !!!

I'm in the Swedish broadcast of the concert !!!!

I saw the video when i visited a friend in Stockholm and I heard about this from another Swedish friend that towards the end of the video I'm in the video. I have a white shirt on and I'm sitting in the stalls taking photos.

Enjoy..George Lewycky, New Jersey USA 10/19/96

My Collage of images

I made this collage of Kristina images mostly of images that i took there...

Click here to see it its a large image (100K) which is why im not displaying it

English Translations now online!!!!!!!!!

Now available ( as of 8.15.98): English translation of the Kristina lyrics

Two translation files are available:

Other Pics

Here is great close up I have of Benny of Bjorn

Kristina Stamps

Click here for the stamps


Click here for Benny/Bjorns autograph and the casts autograph

Update on Kristina performances and cast members

Click Here for assorted news and tidbits about Kristina and its cast, etc

Contacting the Plymouth Music Series of Minnesota

Plymouth Music Series of Minnesota
1900 Nicollet Ave
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phone: 612 870 0943
fax: 612 870 9962


They are now called VocalEssence VocalEssence.ORG

Interesting Information found out at Kristina

Below are several interesting tidbits that I found out and heard while I was there:

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Kristina fren Duvemela
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